Sandy Reflected Dance

A Day at the Beach.

Cahill Photojournalism

I like this photo for several reasons.

First, because it’s of my boys.

Second, because my boys are cooperating during the moment I took this, instead of squabbling.

Third, I like the motion of the composition. The youngest was dropping a shell in a bag held by his big brother, but it looks almost as if he’s dancing.

And fourth, I adore the reflection in the skim of water on the beach sand.

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Dog Flying with Joy

If this dog’s name were Jordan… he’d be air Jordan.

Cahill Photojournalism

IMG_7628 - Copy (2)My family on Monday went to the coast for the day. At agate beach this little dog, along with another terrier ran full speed ahead for the waves. When their owners called the dogs back to their side I had time to crouch and shoot only a couple of quick frames.

And I do mean quick.

For having stubby legs, this little guy could fly over the sand, which is what it looks like he is literally doing here, doesn’t it?

As for composition, I do wish his little pink toes weren’t quite so near the edge of the photo. If I were one to spend a lot of time editing with Photoshop I could fix that. Also I cropped the photo. I wanted only the dog, sand and shadow to tell the story – in this case the story of exuberant joy.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.

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Dock and Dust

Dock in the morning hours.

Cahill Photojournalism

I took this photo during one of my morning walks around Cheadle Lake in Lebanon, Oregon.

I’m fond of this shot.

Photographers – I’m sure you all know that feeling, that rush of excitement when you’ve captured an image that you think may be something special. I felt it with this shot and I couldn’t wait to get home and look at it on my computer screen and mess with it in editing.

I was pretty bummed to see all the spots in the sky from dust on my camera sensor. I’d noticed spots on another recent shot, so I’d turned my camera off and on several times to activate the automatic sensor cleaner before I’d headed out around the lake that morning. These spots proved that I will have to have the sensor professionally cleaned. Thankfully, I have a back-up camera body.

If I can get the spots cleaned…

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Baby Alpaca

Cahill Photojournalism

Everyone, this is Wrangler. Wrangler, meet everyone.

I was covering an alpaca auction last fall for the Scio News. When three-month-old Wrangler came into the auction ring with his black mama, Glory, I couldn’t sit on my hands.

And that is the story of how we came to be alpaca ranchers.

Wrangler is my favorite of the six. He is adorable, friendly and curious. Alpacas are not fond of being handled or petted, but Wrangler will sniff noses with me and I can pet him all over while he’s eating grain from my hand.

Happy Groundhog Day!

Photo copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.

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Little Cherubs. Aren’t they sweet?

Cahill Photojournalism

Four adorable little angel friends.

Merry Christmas!

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Double Egret Morning

A double-egret share.

Cahill Photojournalism

I was pretty stoked this morning when I captured this shot, even though I didn’t really know if it was clear until I got home and uploaded it onto my computer.

It was a cloudy/sunny morning and the first day I’ve had to myself in weeks because of my husband and kids’ Christmas vacations. I dropped the kids at school and headed to a favorite spot of mine with a lake, walking paths and lots of nature.

I spotted one American Egret flying over the water. Another joined it and I went into action-shooting mode, framing and firing as quickly as possible. (As a photojournalist, this is often how I have to shoot).

It was a stroke of good fortune that I captured this shot.

I like that the birds are both in flight together – I wonder if it isn’t a breeding pair. The light through their wings is nice. And…

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Fish in Face

One of my favorite photos to date.

Cahill Photojournalism

So after this egret caught his fish one morning last week, he seemed undecided. Would the photographer try to take the fish away? Or should he eat it in front of the photographer?

My next post will answer this burning question. ; )

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