I love looking at good street photography, but have a hard time taking such photos. It feels too invasive most of the time to me.

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It’s no secret that I love to pore through the street photography tag in the WordPress.com Reader and share images that catch my attention. Join me on another trip around the world as seen through the eyes (and lenses!) of these seven skilled photographers.

This arresting image of a bird in a car — juxtaposed against the unknowing elderly man passing by — mesmerizes me. Taken by Beirut photographer Ghaleb Cabbabé, there’s an element of the macabre about this photograph that I find intriguing. The odd bird and the filthy windscreen create a certain palpable sinister portent. Check out more of Ghaleb’s work at ALICE BACK FROM WONDERLAND.

Photo by www.alicebackfromwonderland.com Photo by Ghaleb Cabbabé

Continuing along with ethereal — perhaps even unearthly — imagery, check out this photograph by Akshay Shaha taken at the Multiplex Theatre in Hyderabad, India. The blurred people walking near the Poltergeist poster look as if…

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Baby Llama

An “Awwww!” for May.

Cahill Photojournalism

This little llama was born just over a week ago in a field not far from our house. I’ve never seen a baby llama before. This one is adorable. I can’t wait until our baby alpacas are born in August or September (alpacas are pregnant for 11-and-a-half to 12-and-a-half months). Baby alpacas are smaller, fluffier and cuter even than baby llamas.

This little spotted llama looks just like his daddy. His mama is dark, dark brown or black.

I’ll post some “artsy” shots of this little llama tomorrow.

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.

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And yet another way to use reflection in photography.

Cahill Photojournalism

This reflection shot is taken off the underside of a shiny playground slide. I noticed the reflection and squeezed off a few frames. But nothing except reflected playground wood chips made for some pretty boring photos.

I called my youngest son over and had him stand under the slide and look up.

Much more interesting.

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Another reflection shot.

Cahill Photojournalism

Another fun way to use reflection. And I like the little starburst from lens flare.

This is my son, just before he pushes the crosswalk button.

And another self portrait.

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Cahill Photojournalism

IMG_7611 - CopyI don’t think my youngest child was even paying attention to his reflection. He was simply splatting around in the sandy water on the beach.

But his reflection, especially with his red shirt, definitely caught my eye.

The day was partially cloudy and clear reflections like this only appeared every so often when the sun was peeking from behind the clouds.

When it did happen I had to snap fast.

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Frog in the Face

A little humor for your day.

Cahill Photojournalism

This is like a pie in the face, only different.

Moment shots are my favorite. They happen for only a split second and if caught on camera they can be amazing.

This moment may not be amazing, but it does show emotion. I took it at this year’s Mint Festival and Frog Jump in Jefferson, Oregon this past July.

The girl holding the frog and the girl with the frog in her face are friends. Kids can be mean, what can I say?

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.

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Oscar the Ostrich

An Ostrich to brighten your Thursday!

Cahill Photojournalism

I don’t really know this ostrich’s name, but he reminds me of Oscar the Grouch off the American children’s show, Sesame Street.

Can you see the resemblance too?

This big bird lives at the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. He spends a good deal of his time standing in the road putting on a show for the passing cars. He opens his mouth wide, chomps at the air, closes his eyes and makes big gulping motions.

I assume he’s begging (demanding?) food. But whatever he’s doing, it’s very bizarre. And a little freaky, although he looks fairly friendly and docile in this shot.

Ostrich’s are known to peck at shiny things, such as wedding rings or human eyes so we left our windows rolled up tight. This photo was shot through the driver’s side glass with my new camera. The camera and I are getting acquainted. It doesn’t yet feel like an…

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